RedFlags API

The purpose of the Red Flags API is to make the data collected by the RedFlags project available in a structured and automatically processable format outside the RedFlags web page.

The API provides information about the collected notices and organizations in JSON format. You can access the service through HTTP requests, and the query parameters must be placed in the GET parameters of each request. You can find more information about the specific requests and their usage in the Red Flags API documentation.

In order to use Red Flags API you need to register by filling the registration form. As a result you will receive an e-mail containing your unique API key. You must place this key into each request as a GET parameter. The API key provides your personal access to the service, do not share it with others.

Registration Documentation

About the project

The Red Flags project aims to enhance the transparency of public procurements and support the fight against corrupt procurements. It provides an interactive tool that allows the monitoring of procurement processes and their implementation by citizens, journalists or even public officials and catch fraud risks at different stages of the procurement process. The Red Flags tool automatically checks procurement documents from the Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) and filters risky procurements through a special algorithm. Although risky does not mean corrupt, flagged procurement documents are worth checking.

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If you find a mistake or you have any questions, contact us here:

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